Julie Christine Krøvel is a commercial fashion photographer from Oslo, Norway. Educated in Denmark with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Commercial Photography, as well as various other studies from the University of Oslo in Norway, she has combined her Scandinavian skillset with her passion for the camera to create some incredible works of art.
Professionally active since 2004, she has provided her photographic talents towards fashion and beauty campaigns, commercial portraits of government officials such as Jens Stoltenberg (the previous Prime Minister of Norway) musicians and famous actors. And when Julie wants to escape the cold and dark Norwegian winters, she takes her talents abroad to warmer climates. She has been honored to take lively portraits for well known artists such as One Direction, Gwen Stefani, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC and Dolly Parton just to name a few. Her portfolio also includes a variety of international campaigns for Bang & Olufsen, Samsung and Statoil, though she would be more excited to discuss Dolly.
Based mainly in Oslo and Paris, Julie now has several projects in the works showcasing her talents in photography stills and fashion filmmaking using her beloved H series Hasselblad camera. Julie specializes not only in making people look and feel fabulous in front of the camera, but also with advanced lighting set ups as her style is mainly commercial with an expressive commercial fashion look


Julie est une photographe de mode commerciale originaire d’Oslo en Norvège. Diplômée d’un Master en Mode, préparé au Danemark, Julie a également suivi des cours de Photographie Commerciale à l’université d’Oslo. En associant la rigueur scandinave à sa passion pour la photo, elle a ainsi créé un véritable travail artistique. Professionnelle depuis 2004, l’imagerie de Julie est radicalement singulière, pleine de vie et empreinte de couleurs vives et d’une lumière expérimentale. Sa capacité de travail l’a amenée à obtenir une reconnaissance dans le monde entier, et c’est sa façon de casser les règles qui marque sa signature. 


Tory Burch and me at the store opening in London, March 2017

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Fashion and Commercial Film captured on RED Dragon Camera